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Understanding the Universe: The Physics of the Cosmos from Quasars to Quarks

Andrew Norton | 0367748053, 978-0367748050, 978-0367759322, 9780367748050, 9780367759322, B08Z8GCXZ2

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Understanding the Universe: The Physics of the Cosmos from Quasars to Quarks explores how all areas of physics, from the very smallest scales to the very largest, come together to form our current understanding of the Universe. It takes readers on a fascinating journey, from the Big Bang and how the Universe has evolved, to how it appears now, and the possibilities for how it will continue to evolve in the future.

It also explores the latest exciting developments in the area and how they impact our understanding of the Universe, such as quantum chromodynamics, black holes, dark energy, and gravitational waves. Equally importantly, it explains how we have come to know all of this about the Universe and details the limitations of our current understanding.

This book is accessible to all introductory undergraduate students interested in the physical sciences. It prioritises a non-mathematical approach so it can be understood by all students, with only two algebraic equations in the book and any numerical calculations shown are limited to simple arithmetic.

Key Features:

•Combines current understanding of quantum physics and cosmology, and includes the latest exciting developments from the field.

•Provides an accessible introduction to the topic, focusing on a non-mathematical presentation.

•Presents a comprehensive narrative on the subject and a coherent story.