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Vagus Nerve Exercises

This Guide Will Teach You the Secrets to Activate Your Natural Healing Power Through Vagus Nerve Stimulation.Improve Your Ability to Overcome Anxiety,Depression,Trauma and More, Michael Smith

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Life is complicated. Despite how automatic the process is, the amount of  biological perfection goes into creating a living, breathing,  functional organism is insane. Even acts as simple as breathing or  having your heartbeat, two functions that are entirely automatic,  require several different components of your body to be in perfect  synchronization. This means that several messages must be constantly  going from your brain down to your body at all times, and then going  back up to regulate it. Have you ever stopped to think about how complex  these processes are? Or how difficult it is to stop these processes on  your own? You cannot simply will your heart into no longer beating.