In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Vannamei Shrimp Farming

S. Felix, Tzachi Samocha, M. Menaga | 0367537656, 978-0367537654, 9780367537654

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PDF 2021

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This volume arose from an attempt to find a new way to approach the shrimp aquaculture’s future, facing up to the central insight that a global, technology-driven blue revolution will require new forms of governance to match the technological and social changes brought by innovative aquaculture practices. Each chapter contains evidence-based background information emphasizing core science, intended for the professional who already possesses a basic understanding of the principles of shrimp aquaculture and layout of each chapter includes a table of contents, materials and methodologies and a concluding set of objectives of the experimental study for the better understanding of the subject matter to the readers. The aim of this book is to provide a basic understanding of the modern culture techniques currently used in shrimp aquaculture research, primarily for vannamei, such that readers can develop an understanding of both the power and limitations of Intensive systems.Recently, in the scientific literature, there has been a profusion of information pertaining to many advanced culture systems such as raceways, reciruclatory aquaculture systems and many advanced culture practices such as biofloc technology and probiotics based culture practices.The material covered in the chapters of this book provides background to newcomers interested in Intensive shrimp culture techniques and a description of the current state of research and scientific understanding of advanced systems and standard management practices in regards to environmental sustainability of shrimp aquaculture would be much more helpful for the farmers and the industrial stakeholders. For researchers currently working in the field on specific culture systems and practices this text provides invaluable information that relates innovative intensive culture systems.

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