In the name of Allah the Merciful

Vegetarianism, Meat and Modernity in India

Johan Fischer, 2022051658, 2022051659, 1032334835, 9781032334837, 978-1032334837, 978-1-032-33483-7, 978-1-032-33484-4, 9781032334844, 978-1032334844, 978-1-003-31982-5, 9781003319825, 978-1003319825, 2022051658, B0BT5SCJ95

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Never before in human history have  vegetarianism and a plant-based economy been so closely associated with  sustainability and the promise of tackling climate change. Nowhere is  this phenomenon more visible than in India, which is home to the largest  number of vegetarians globally and where vegetarianism is intrinsic to  Hinduism. India is often considered a global model for vegetarianism.

However,  in this book, which is the outcome of eight months of fieldwork  conducted among vegetarian and non-vegetarian producers, traders,  regulators and consumers, I show that the reality in India is quite  different, with large sections of communities being meat-eaters. In  2011, vegetarian/veg/green and nonvegetarian/ non-veg/brown labels on  all packaged foods/drinks were introduced in India. Paradoxically, this  grand scheme was implemented at a time when meat and non-vegetarian food  production, trade and consumption were booming. The overarching  argument of the book is that a systematic study of the complex and  changing relationship between vegetarian and non-vegetarian  understandings and practices illuminates broader transformations and  challenges that relate to markets, the state, religion, politics and  identities in India and beyond.

The  book’s empirical focus is on the changing relationship between  vegetarian/ non-vegetarian as understood, practised and contested in  middle-class India, while remaining attentive to the  vegetarian/non-vegetarian modernities that are at the forefront of  global sustainability debates. Through the application of this approach,  the book provides a novel theory of human values and markets in a  global middle-class perspective.