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دانلود کتاب مدیریت پسماند: مفاهیم، روش ها، ابزار ها و برنامه ها، 3 جلد

Waste Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3 volume | Information Reso Management Association | ISBN: 1799812103, 978-1799812104

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سال انتشار: 2020

تعداد صفحات: 1716

زبان فایل: انگلیسی

فرمت فایل: pdf

حجم فایل: 73MB

ناشر: Engineering Science Reference

As the world's population continues to grow and economic conditions continue to improve, more solid and liquid waste is being generated by society. Improper disposal methods can not only lead to harmful environmental impacts but can also negatively affect human health. To prevent further harm to the world's ecosystems, there is a dire need for sustainable waste management practices that will safeguard the environment for future generations. Waste Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a vital reference source that examines the management of different types of wastes and provides relevant theoretical frameworks about new waste management technologies for the control of air, water, and soil pollution. Highlighting a range of topics such as contaminant removal, landfill treatment, and recycling, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for environmental engineers, waste authorities, solid waste management companies, landfill operators, legislators, environmentalists, policymakers, government officials, academicians, researchers, and students.