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Water and Wastewater Engineering: Design Principles and Practice

Second Edition, Mackenzie L. Davis, 1260132277, 1260132285, 978-1260132281, 9781260132281, 978-1260132274, 9781260132274, B07QP9Q5DS

English | 2020 | PDF

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A Fully Updated, In-Depth Guide to Water and Wastewater Engineering

Thoroughly  revised to reflect the latest advances, procedures, and regulations,  this authoritative resource contains comprehensive coverage of the  design and construction of municipal water and wastewater facilities.  Written by an environmental engineering expert and seasoned academic, Water and Wastewater Engineering: Design Principles and Practice, Second Edition,  offers detailed explanations, practical strategies, and design  techniques as well as hands-on safety protocols and operation and  maintenance procedures. You will get cutting-edge information on water  quality standards, corrosion control, piping materials, energy  efficiency, direct and indirect potable reuse, and more. 

Coverage includes:

• The design and construction processes
• General water supply design considerations
• Intake structures and wells
• Chemical handling and storage
• Coagulation and flocculation
• Lime-soda and ion exchange softening
• Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
• Sedimentation
• Granular and membrane filtration
• Disinfection and fluoridation
• Removal of specific constituents
• Water plant residuals management, process selection, and integration
• Storage and distribution systems
• Wastewater collection and treatment design considerations
• Sanitary sewer design
• Headworks and preliminary treatment
• Primary treatment
• Wastewater microbiology
• Secondary treatment by suspended growth biological processes
• Secondary treatment by attached growth and hybrid biological processes
• Tertiary treatment
• Advanced oxidation processes
• Direct and indirect potable reuse