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Wellness Health Coach: Certification course Coaching

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The Wellness Health Coach book – a  certification course is one of the FWHA course books educating in  wellness health professions with the possibility of receiving a  certificate after reading it.

The Wellness Health  Coach is a person who teaches the ability to diagnose and solve problems  related to introducing lifestyle changes. His task is not to give  ready-made answers but - by asking the right questions - to draw the  client's attention to problematic aspects of their functioning.

Thanks  to this, the client learns how to single-handedly deal with problems  that will appear at various stages of the change. By using coaching  tools the Coach helps the client set specific goals and take action so  that they can move from the current state to where they want to be.

A  series of FWHA course books (together with this one) educating in the  wellness health professions has been created in response to the  spreading global epidemic of chronic diseases that the current  healthcare system and conventional medicine doctors are unable to stop.  These diseases arise mainly as a result of leading an unhealthy  lifestyle. Therefore, raising the awareness and making changes can  clearly reduce the risk of developing them.

The  Wellness Health Coach course is a part of the Wellness Health Personal  Trainer and Wellness Life Coach program but you can also take it as a  separate course. All courses can be purchased separately or in one  course book. The course is meant for people who want to lead a healthy  lifestyle and promote it professionally to others, and especially for  those who are interested in coaching methods.

Coach's  role is to increase the effectiveness of teaching, complement it and  make it more attractive. The coaching methods you will learn in our  courses will allow you to use the acquired knowledge as a coach, which  will help increase efficiency, complement and enhance the teaching of  others. Having the competences of a Personal Trainer earned through our  courses you will be able to additionally work as a Wellness Life Coach.

In the program, you will find, among others:

  • What is coaching?
  • Stages of the coaching process
  • What can work in the coaching process involve?
  • Core Coaching Competencies

After  studying and passing the exam, regardless of your subsequent  educational path, you can receive the Wellness Health Coach certificate.

Additionally, check out the FWHA collection of course books dedicated to Wellness Health.

We  encourage you to acquire knowledge and all competences in the wellness  health professions available in our course books and become a  professional Wellness Health Personal Trainer & Wellness Life Coach  who is a health doctor; as defined by public health field, i.e. has the  ability to prevent disease, extend life and promote health!