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Wild Mushrooms: Characteristics, Nutrition, and Processing

Sanju Bala Dhull, Aarti Bains, Prince Chawla, Pardeep Kumar Sadh, 2021061511, 2021061512, 9780367692513, 9780367715564, 9781003152583, 978-0367692513, 978-0367715564, 978-1003152583

English | 2022 | PDF

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Many wild varieties of mushrooms are consumed by people around the  world, yet many species remain unexplored, their nutritional as well as  pharmacological significance yet to be discovered for many of them. Wild  Mushrooms: Characteristics, Nutrition, and Processing informs readers  about different unexplored wild mushrooms, their methods of cultivation,  nutritional values, pharmaceutical values, and possible utilization for  human wellbeing.

The book represents a comprehensive assessement  of current knowledge about the edible mushrooms commercialization,  especially as nutraceuticals and dietary supplement formulation, mineral  supplementation and source of quality proteins in foods and diet. The  health benefits of edible mushrooms, nature and chemistry of bioactive  components and in-vitro and in-vivo bioactivity of edible mushrooms are  also highlighted in different chapters. By bringing diverse areas such  as oxidative stress and longevity, techniques of mushroom analysis,  toxicology and extracellular enzymes of wild mushrooms, it lays the  groundwork for striking expansion in our understanding of these  important biochemicals and their role in health and disease prevention.

Key Features

Explores  major preservation and processing technologies for wild mushrooms and  their effects on bioavailability and nutritional value of mushrooms
Presents the classical taxonomy and genetic classification of mushrooms
Discusses  the different components present in mushrooms and their biological  activities and the health attribute of mushrooms due to these bioactive  components
Reviews the applications of mushrooms in environmental pollution reduction
Covers different cultivation strategies of edible and medicinal mushrooms
The  book also explores the role of mushrooms in the degradation of harmful  xenobiotic compounds as well as reduction of pesticides. It discusses  the utilization of wild mushrooms in waste management and cultivation of  wild mushroom using lignocellulosic biomass-based residue as a  substrate. This book should be of interest to a large and varied  audience of researchers in academia, industry, nutritionists, dietitian,  food scientists, agriculturists and regulators.