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دانلود کتاب زنان و چالش حرفه های STEM: شکوفا شدن در اقلیم سرد

Women and the Challenge of STEM Professions: Thriving in a Chilly Climate, Patricia Arredondo, Marie L. Miville, Christina M. Capodilupo, Tatiana Vera, 3030622010, 9783030622015, 978-3030622015

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زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
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This timely volume identifies factors that impede the success of women in STEM professions and demonstrates the negative impact of sexual harassment on women’s physical health, mental health, and job performance. Focusing specifically on the narratives of women in higher education, the authors illuminate the structural and systemic barriers facing women working as graduate students, faculty, and administrators. Drawing on insights from the #metoo and #timesup movements as well as the Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearings, this book:   Provides real-life narratives as clarifying examplesValidates the experiences of women struggling to negotiate the STEM workplace Recommends specific helpful practices for both women and employers. This book will be a valuable resource for those in academia and the workplace, and serve as an illuminating of women's experience generally

About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Landscape for Women in the Sciences: Persistence Amidst Societal and Institutional Barriers
No Place for Women Scientists
Women’s Rights Legislation in the USA
Legislation Affecting Women in the USA
History of Women in the Sciences
The Matilda Effect
Some Examples of the Matilda Effect and Pioneers in the STEM Fields
Hidden Figures: African American Women Scientists
Identifying Latina Scientists: Even More Hidden
Shining the Light on Women Scientists
Women’s Career Development in STEM and the Male-Centric Challenges
Career Development Processes for Women of Color
Career Development for Women in STEM
Social Cognitive Career Theory
Professional Associations for Women Scientists
The STEM Pipeline
STEM Academies and Federally Funded Program for Women
Chapter 2: Feminist Psychology and Sociocultural Precipitants to Women’s Leadership
The Emergence of Feminism and Feminist Psychology
First-Wave Feminists
A French Feminist-Bridging First- and Second-Wave Feminists
Second-Wave Feminism
Third-Wave Feminists
Black Feminists
Feminist Psychology and the Psychology of Women
Psychology of Women
Different Perspectives on the Psychology of Women’s Development
Theories and Perspectives on Women’s Psychological Development
The Psychology of Women of Color
Standpoint Theory
Women’s Multiple and Intersecting Identities
Women’s Dimensions of Personal, Intersecting Identities
Adverse Identity Self-Perceptions
Leadership by Women Through Feminist Perspectives and Experiences
Emotional Intelligence and Resonant Leadership
Chapter 3: Organizational Culture and Climate: Historic Systemic Barriers for Women
Cultural Variations Across Organizations
Situating Women in the Workplace
Women in the World of Work: 2021
2021 Roles and Identity Congruence
Academic Culture and Climate
Concepts and Theories Relevant for Academic Culture
The Chilly Climate in Higher Education
Organizational Theories and Their Application in Contemporary Institutions
Multicultural Organizational Development
Structural and Systemic Dynamics and Practices Adversely Affecting Women
Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in Higher Education
The Persistence of Sexual Misconduct
Sexual Harassment in the Sciences
The Double Bind for Women of Color
STEM Women in the Academy: Opportunities and the Labyrinth
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
Chapter 4: Qualitative Methodology: Thematic Analysis
Feminist Methodology
Chapter 5: “Because You Can’t Do It on Your Own”: The Role of Support
Support Outside of Academia
Parenthood Challenge: Support for the Work/Life Balance
Chapter 6: “Providing That Safe Place”: Attributes of an Unhealthy vs. Healthy Work Environment
Unhealthy Work Environments
Healthy Environments
Chapter 7: “Be Strong!” The Role of Self-Advocacy
Self-Advocacy as a Personal Quality
Self-Advocacy in Career Decisions
Self-Advocacy in Seeking Support
Chapter 8: Navigating “Mars”: Resisting Structural Barriers in Academia
The Academic Environment as “Old Guard”
Hiring and Tenure Process
The Work of Science
Chapter 9: Discussion of Findings
Summary and Conclusions
Chapter 10: Recommendations and Commitments for Retaining STEM Women in the Academy
Addressing Culture and Climate Issues in the Academy
Policies for Hiring and Promotion and Tenure
Recommendations from Participants
Health and Mental Health in the Academy
STEM Diversity Initiatives and Resources
Recommendations for Psychologists
Closing Thoughts