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Yoga Body: The Beginnings of Modern Pose Method

Varda Toussaint, B09Z31LCK9, B09YQJG6TH, 979-8812868925, 9798812868925

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Yoga is so common in the contemporary world-- practiced by pop stars, taught in colleges, and offered in yoga exercise facilities, health clubs, and even shopping malls-- that we take its existence, as well as its meaning, for given. But just how did the present yoga boom happen? As well as is it really rooted in old Indian techniques, as a lot of its followers case? In this groundbreaking publication, Mark Singleton casts doubt on several frequently held beliefs concerning the nature and also origins of postural yoga exercise (asana) and suggests a drastically new method of comprehending the significance of yoga exercise as it is exercised by millions of individuals across the world today. Singleton shows that, as opposed to common belief, there is no evidence in the Indian tradition for the kind of health and wellness as well as fitness-oriented asana practice that dominates the worldwide yoga exercise scene of the twenty-first century. Singleton's unexpected-- and definitely controversial-- thesis is that yoga exercise as it is widely exercised today owes a higher financial debt to contemporary Indian nationalism and, even more remarkably, to the spiritual ambitions of European bodybuilding as well as very early 20th-century females's gymnastic activities of Europe as well as America, than it does to any kind of ancient Indian yoga tradition. This exploration allows Singleton to clarify, as no one has actually done before, how the most widespread kinds of postural yoga, like Ashtanga, Bikram as well as "Hatha" yoga, came to be the extremely popular phenomena they are today