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Your Crown to Confidence: How to Have Shiny, Healthy and Lustrous Hair by Villoni Wurfel . ISBN: B09TR7XK7V

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Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Villoni Würfel

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Villoni Würfel, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and grew up in  her mother's fashion shop, Villoni Boutique. She now resides in the USA  and this is her first book she's written and published
For over  15 years, she co-created dress designs exclusive to their brand. When  she took over the marketing role of the company she expanded it and  established an entirely new business, selling their designs to stores  all over Australia. Villoni dresses became one of the most popular  designs in the fashion industry
Villoni spent most of her time  representing herself and the brand, networking with fashion magazines,  TV shows, styling celebrities and choreographing runway shows. Being in  the fashion industry where appearance is everything, she excessively  colored and heat-styled her hair, and thoroughly damaged it. As a  result, it caused unhealthy scalp conditions, and her hair became dry,  dull and brittle. Despite seeing her hairdresser for treatments and  using countless hair products to repair it, nothing worked. She set out  to do her research and studied the anatomy of the scalp and hair. She  soon discovered healthy hair starts at the scalp, which led her to find  an effective remedy that worked