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Atlas of Hybrid Imaging Sectional Anatomy for PET/CT, PET/MRI and SPECT/CT Vol. 3: Heart, Lymph Node and Musculoskeletal System: Sectional Anatomy for PET/CT, PET/MRI and SPECT/CT

Mario Leporace, Ferdinando Calabria, Eugenio Gaudio, Orazio Schillaci, Alfonso Ciaccio, Antonio Bagnato, B0C1S7HBJR, 0443188181, 978-0-443-18818-3, 978-0443188183, 9780443188183

English | 2023 | PDF | 58 MB | 292 Pages

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Atlas of Hybrid Imaging of the Heart, Lymph Nodes and Musculoskeletal System, Volume Three: Sectional Anatomy for PET/CT, PET/MRI and SPECT/CT provides a guide for interpreting PET and SPECT in relation to co-registered CT and/or MRI. In this atlas, exclusively dedicated to heart, lymph nodes and musculoskeletal system, nuclear physicians and radiologists cover hybrid nuclear medicine based on their own case studies. The practical structure in two-page unit offers readers a navigational tool based on anatomical districts, with labeled and explained low-dose multiplanar CT or MRI views merged with PET fusion imaging on one side and enhanced CT or MRI on the other.

This new format enables the rapid identification of hybrid nuclear medicine findings which are now routine at leading medical centers. Each chapter begins with three-dimensional CT and/or MRI views of the evaluated anatomical region, bringing forward sectional tables. Clinical cases, tricks and pitfalls linked to several PET or SPECT radiopharmaceuticals help introduce the reader to peculiar molecular pathways and improve confidence in cross-sectional imaging that is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatments.