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Interplanetary Astrodynamics

David B. Spencer, Davide Conte, 0367759705, 9780367759704, 9780367759704, 978-0-367-75970-4, 978-0-367-75999-5, 978-0367759995, 9780367759995, 978-1-003-16507-1, 9781003165071, 978-1003165071, B0C1JT2JZD

English | 2023 | PDF | 50 MB | 403 Pages

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Focusing on the orbital mechanics tools and techniques necessary to  design, predict, and guide a trajectory of a spacecraft traveling  between two or more bodies in a Solar System, this book covers the  dynamical theory necessary for describing the motion of bodies in space,  examines the N-body problem, and shows applications using this theory  for designing interplanetary missions. While most orbital mechanics  books focus primarily on Earth-orbiting spacecraft, with a brief  discussion of interplanetary missions, this book reverses the focus and  emphasizes the interplanetary aspects of space missions. Written for  instructors, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students in  Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, this book provides advanced  details of interplanetary trajectory design, navigation, and targeting.