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Literacy and Identity Through Streaming Media: Kids, Teens, and Representation on Netflix

Damiana Gibbons Pyles, 1032009764, 103201069X, 9781032010694, 978-1032010694, 978-1-032-01069-4, 978-1-032-00976-6, 978-1032009766, 9781032009766, 978-1-003-17699-2, 9781003176992, 978-1003176992, 1032009764, 103201069X, B0BXV2G45G, B0BXV2G45G

English | 2023 | PDF | 3 MB | 142 Pages

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In this book, Damiana Gibbons Pyles guides readers through the  fast-changing landscape of digital streaming services such as Netflix  and explores their impact on children’s and teens’ identities. Children  interact with streaming media in novel, hidden, and unforeseen ways that  shape their digital, material, affective, and embodied worlds. By  analyzing how Netflix represents gender, race, and ethnicities, Gibbons  Pyles explores how this new media phenomenon portrays and influences  young people’s development and sense of self, and how streaming media  pushes children and teens to particular ways of being in its interfaces,  algorithms, and content. Drawing primarily on Bakhtinian, feminist, and  female Black scholarship, her incisive analysis reveals how the new  media streaming phenomenon molds children’s understandings of their ways  of being in the world. Ideal for scholars and graduate students in  literacy education, media studies, and communication, the text is an  illuminating view into the hidden role of streaming services as an  essential, complex component of literacy scholarship.