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Principles of Toxicology: Environmental and Industrial Applications

4th Edition, Stephen M. Roberts, Robert C. James, Phillip L. Williams, 1119635160, 1119635179, 978-1119635178, 9781119635178, 978-1119635161, 9781119635161, B09XC2YC2T

English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 90 MB

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Principles of Toxicology concisely and efficiently presents the scientific basis for toxicology  as it applies to the workplace and the environment, covering diverse  chemical hazards encountered in modern workplaces and natural  environments and providing a practical understanding of these hazards  for those concerned with protecting the health of humans and ecosystems.  The work presents not only theory, but also practical information  regarding chemical hazards to give the student and new professional a working knowledge of the practice of toxicology and the ability to solve  problems in environmental and industrial settings. 

 Case histories and examples from industrial and environmental exposures  to chemicals are included to demonstrate the application of  toxicological principles. To allow for seamless reader comprehension and  further exploration of covered topics, the work is supplemented with  numerous illustrations to clarify and summarize key points, as well as  annotated bibliographies. In the 4th edition, all chapters and  references have been updated to account for the latest scientific  thinking, and new color figures have been added. 

 New topics covered in 4th Edition of Principles of Toxicology include: 

  • Regulatory toxicology, including the key regulatory framework in which much of the field of toxicology operates
  • Alternative  methods in toxicology, including cutting-edge approaches to developing  new information on the toxicity of drugs and chemicals
  •  The dilemma of selecting safe exposure limits, guiding readers through  practical considerations and pitfalls in developing and using safe  exposure limits 
  • Ecological  risk assessment, with detailed discussion of methods and considerations  when evaluating the effects of contaminants on plants and animals.

Providing  information on the principles of toxicology and the application of  those principles to solve problems in environmental and industrial  settings, Principles of Toxicology serves as an excellent textbook resource for advanced undergraduate,  graduate, and professional students in a range of environmental and  health fields. It is also valuable to health professionals who need  toxicological information and assistance beyond what is found in an  introductory text to general toxicology.