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Workout and Diet Plan For Women for women, at home workout; dumbbells, exercise with; for women, bodyweight workout

Coach ByQu, Eric Kruczek, 3405335819, 1704747953

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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✓ Are you not completely satisfied with your body's appearance and want  to lose weight, tone your body or just improve your well-being and  physical fitness?
✓ Or do you want to lose belly fat?
Whatever your goal and needs, this book can help you achieve your desires.
To  achieve it, you need to take care of your nutrition and physical  activity.As an expert and personal trainer, I know what the body needs  to become a fat burning machine, and I know effective techniques and  tricks that will help you get a lean and toned body… Not bulky.

For a safe and fast body fat reduction effect;
◆ You need a strength training program to do at home or at the gym
◆ You need to calculate your calorie needs - to know how much you eat per day to reach your goal

◆ You must know what to eat, when and in what quantities

◆ You need to build your own customized meal plan.
◆ You need tips and tricks that work in the process of weight loss and body toning
◆ You need simple solutions to problems that may arise along the way
◆ You need to know how to program your mind to succeed so that you don't give up, but achieve your goal
◆ And you need a simple journal to keep track of your workout and food intake

The book offers space for 40 daily workouts and 60 spaces for a daily food record. Perfect for 8 weeks.

★  The whole method of mind reset, smart tips, meal plan and workout  program is described in a book where you will find everything you need  to start, persevere and maintain the results of your work.
⚠ Why Should You Have This Book?
★  This is not a position about motivation and theoretical improvement in  body appearance, nor about a new diet that will make you look like Jen  Selter in 2 weeks' time. This book is like a navigation that will show  you the fastest and safest way to your destination. Suppose you know  which city you want to get to, but you do not know how to get there.  Navigation will lead you to the goal. Your task is only to determine  your destination, and focus on the road and follow the guidelines until  you reach your target. The same goes for your goal, and whether you want  to build muscles, lose weight, whatever, if you define your goal well,  this book will become your navigation and your task will be to take the  necessary actions that will lead you to the finish line. Of course, I  don't know how old you are, where you start and where you go, but trust  the navigation and sooner or later you will reach your destination.