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Agile Strategies for the 21st Century by Herbert Nold ISBN-10: 1527576582 ISBN-13: 978-1527576582, 9781527576582

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Designing agile organizations fit for a dynamic, volatile, uncertain,  complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world has become a necessary skill for  successful 21st century leaders. This book provides a summary of many  classical strategic management techniques, before introducing the reader  to emergent concepts that are more in tune with the VUCA environment.  It explains how the culture defines an environment that either enables  or inhibits the creation of new knowledge which translates into  innovation and fast, effective decision-making. The name of the game  here is speed. As such, this book provides a practical framework for  leaders or managers to build agile organizations designed to accelerate  innovation and adaptability
Successful executives must rapidly  identify many â oeunseen, and rarely discussed⠝ interferences that  creep into the culture of an organization that disrupt the flow of  critical knowledge. Executives worldwide must quickly identify those  unseen viruses within their organizations so they can take targeted  action to fix the root problem rather than just try a â oeflavor of the  month⠝ approach. They need a way to diagnose underlying root causes of  cultural infections, and the diagnostic mentoring methodology described  here provides a practical way for executives to do just that

Year: 2022
Pages: 214
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Cambridge
ISBN-10: 1527576582
ISBN-13: 978-1527576582, 9781527576582